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Current Readings

You Can’t Find the Cat Faster than Nervve

Michael S. Raisinghani, Ph.D.  |  Marketing

Nervve is the company that cracked image recognition. Its image-recognition software is used by everyone from the NBA to U.S. intelligence agencies. Sports teams and leagues are using Nervve’s software to assess the value of in-game advertising.

Le Cost Killer

Thomas Coe  |  Business Fundamentals

Carlos Ghosn has an earned reputation for making unprofitable automobile manufacturers profitable. As Mitsubishi attempts to recover from its fuel economy scandal, his leadership will be crucial to making the Japanese automobile manufacturer successful again.

It’s a Writer’s Market

Michael S. Raisinghani, Ph.D.  |  Operations Management

A number of self-publishing platforms are wooing established authors by rewriting the industry’s contract terms. Digital platforms with many revenue models in the self-publishing industry have emerged to serve midlist authors.

Where Venture Capital Goes

Delvin D. Hawley, Ph.D.  |  Finance

Investors flooded startups with record funding in 2015, but a volatile stock market and fears of a tech bubble are causing VC firms to reduce funding in 2016. That means competition for funding is even fiercer than usual. A study of 890 U.S. companies founded between 2009 and 2015 that received $20 million or more in venture capital and other equity funding shows what factors VC investors are looking for in startups.

Disney’s New Cultural Revolution

Katherine Campbell, Ph.D.  |  Org Behavior & HR

Human resource management issues can challenge companies undergoing international expansion; Disney's experiences in China are one example. The company's theme parks depend on character-based entertainment, and in opening its Shanghai resort, talent development has been one of the biggest challenges the Disney has faced. Because there is a limited pool of talent trained in Western performing arts, Disney has needed to be innovative and make substantial investments to recruit and train performers. As competitors plan to open theme parks in China, Disney’s next challenge will be to retain the performers it has trained.

Surf's Up Forever

James Richardson, Ph.D.  |  Business Strategy

Kelly Slater Wave Company has figured out how to build the longest, most perfect, surfing wave on the planet. Can he can build a business around it?

Sweet Cakes with a Bitter Aftertaste

J. Vincent Eagan, JD, Ph.D.  |  Business Law

An Oregon couple is appealing a $135,000 fine for refusing to bake a cake for a same-sex couple. They argue that baking the cake would force them to engage in speech they disagree with.

Tax the Rich!

Larry Walther, Ph.D., CPA, CMA  |  Accounting & Taxation

Long popular under the Federal Income Tax, significantly progressive income tax rates are now finding their way into state tax codes. (Note: This article is only available in the hard copy of the magazine; there is no online version.)

Puerto Rico Needs an Economy

Derek Abrams  |  Economics

Puerto Rico’s $370 million debt default exposes the structural weaknesses of an economy that’s smaller today than it was a decade ago. Any sustainable plan for Puerto Rico must include economic growth. Without growth, the island's economy will continue to weaken and its ability to service its debt would decrease.

Disney's New Cultural Revolution

Duane Helleloid, Ph.D.  |  International Business

In preparation for its Shanghai Disneyland theme park, Disney began working with arts institutes in China to build awareness and interest in performing at the park. Part of the challenge was to develop talented performers who could sing in the style of Disney show tunes, such as those in The Lion King. Another part of the challenge was to better understand how Disney productions could be modified to be more interesting to Chinese audiences. In a separate program, Disney launched English language training programs aimed at children two through twelve, with a curriculum that uses Disney characters.

A Spanish Delicacy Grazes in Texas

Craig A. Turner, Ph.D.  |  Entrepreneurship

Importing pigs that are considered delicacies in Spain but relatively unknown in the United States can be a bit of a risky proposition. Two men in Texas believe that it is worth investing $3 million of their money to build a specialty market for these cured hams.

You Can’t Find the Cat Faster than Nervve

Angelina I. T. Kiser, Ph.D.  |  Information Technology

NBA jerseys are getting a new look. Advertisements may now become part of the uniform.

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