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The Resource Center is a one-stop shop for professors in our program, delivering robust teaching tools and resources, including weekly Instructor Guides by discipline, discussion and quiz questions, curriculum integration ideas and more. 

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Current Readings

A Bike-Share Invasion from China

Thomas Coe  |  Business Fundamentals

Add a new type of potential litter for Western cities: dockless bike sharing. Offering riders greater access at lower costs than regulated sharing, this form of bike sharing is emerging on U.S. and European cities’ streets. Just as with litter left outside a trash bin, dockless bikes pose a street cleaning problem.

Snapchat Has a Child-Porn Problem

Michael S. Raisinghani, Ph.D.  |  Operations Management

Snapchat parent Snap Inc. says it uses both staffers and automated systems to protect children—and all 178 million users—from unwanted messages, but it would not provide details. Snapchat has been singled out by investigators as a danger due to pedophiles who used it to exploit teens for sexual gratification. It's a popular app among young people, and its disappearing messages make evidence tougher to find.

Tickets Aren't Selling for the 2018 Winter Olympics

Michael S. Raisinghani, Ph.D.  |  International Business

An escalation in military tension is scaring tourists away from South Korea. Corporate scandals have also diverted attention from the 2018 Winter Olympics Games there.

Tickets Aren't Selling for the 2018 Winter Olympics

Derek Abrams  |  Economics

An escalation in military tension is scaring away tourists, and corporate scandals are diverting attention from the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in South Korea, which start on February 9. As a result, its organizers are only about 30 percent toward their goal of selling 1.1 million tickets.

How To Catch Amazon

James Richardson, Ph.D.  |  Business Strategy

Amazon’s AWS dominates cloud services with more than five times the revenue of number two Microsoft. But there is lots of growth ahead, and the competition is getting some traction, especially with customers like Wal-Mart who view Amazon as a competitor.

The Small-Time Market for Mini-IPOs

J. Vincent Eagan, JD, Ph.D.  |  Business Law

Regulation A+, enacted in 2015, has allowed for a handful of “mini-IPOs.” These small initial public offerings are limited to $50 million and have lower disclosure requirements.

Reading Jerome Powell

Katherine Campbell, Ph.D.  |  Org Behavior & HR

Jerome Powell, President Trump’s nominee to be chair of the Federal Reserve Board, is not an economist. While there have been other Fed chairs who, like Powell, were not economists, it has been years. Many are now looking for clues and speculating about what kind of leader Powell will be.

A Bike-Share Invasion From China

Craig A. Turner, Ph.D.  |  Entrepreneurship

Bike sharing has become quite popular in many parts of the world, but a rash of startups have disrupted how such bikes are stored or parked. Now cities worldwide are contending with the repercussions of a business model that raises street cleaning and safety issues.

Funds that Are Stuffed with Cash

Delvin D. Hawley, Ph.D.  |  Finance

Several prominent value fund managers are holding large amounts of cash now because stocks are so expensive. They say that eventually the market will slump, and they'll be able to scoop up bargains. Not all of their clients are so patient.

You Scored Your Dream Job, but It's Not Working Out. Now What?

Bob Cohen, MBA  |  Career Readiness - Exploring Your Potential

One day you come to the realization that what was supposed to be your dream job is now a nightmare. While a momentary sense of panic drifts in, you have to figure out what's wrong. Is it the job or the organization? And what you are going to do about it?

Trying to Speak India's Language(s)

Duane Helleloid, Ph.D.  |  International Business

In order to improve sales in India, Amazon, Google, and Apple are all working to localize their voice assistant apps. Amazon's Alexa can now speak Hinglish, a blend of Hindi and English. Amazon didn't want Alexa to seem like a visiting Brit or American who speaks with a foreign accent but instead to sound just like a neighbor.

8 Moments that Can Make or Break Your Career

Bob Cohen, MBA  |  Career Readiness - Exploring Your Potential

There come moments in every person's career that can make or break your entire work life. Business Insider’s experts identify eight such moments and how to use them to your advantage.

15 Things College Kids Should Do Now to Be Successful in the Future

Bob Cohen, MBA  |  Career Readiness - Exploring Your Potential

Business Insider spoke with a number of career experts and business execs. Here are the great pieces of advice that college students rarely hear.

The Long, Absurd History of U.S. Taxes — and Where We Go From Here

Larry Walther, Ph.D., CPA, CMA  |  Accounting & Taxation

From 1776 to today, this article provides an excellent history of taxation in America, showing why today's furor about revisions to the U.S. tax code may be regarded as nothing new. The data on taxes in relation to overall production, within the United States and elsewhere, also reveal that not much has changed in the last several decades, despite numerous tweaks to the code.

Snapchat Has a Child-Porn Problem

Angelina I. T. Kiser, Ph.D.  |  Information Technology

Social networks continue to be venues for pedophiles. Who is responsible?

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