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Current Readings

Whole Foods Market's Identity Crisis

Eric Cardella  |  Economics

Recently, activist investor Jana Partners acquired a 9 percent stake in Whole Foods Market. It seems eminent that a shake in management and large structural changes will follow in an effort to turn the struggling company.

Whole Foods Market’s Identity Crisis

James Richardson, Ph.D.  |  Business Strategy

Whole Foods Market CEO John Mackey’s new book, The Whole Foods Diet, furthers his mission to improve people’s health through diet. But investors are concerned about a lack of action to reverse a sales slump and falling stock price.

Everybody Into the Dark Pool

Delvin D. Hawley, Ph.D.  |  Finance

Wall Street pros have dived headlong into dark pools, exclusive private exchanges where they can trade stocks with each other in secret. Now comes an entrepreneur with a new twist: a dark pool for the masses, especially young investors. The small dark pool promises youthful fun and tries to make trading less intimidating for college students. Experts, however, are advising caution because of the risks and potential for conflicts of interest.

Things Go Better With 67 Million Coke Shares

Thomas Coe  |  Business Fundamentals

Warren Buffet isn’t the only one thinking ‘Coke is it!’ Several U.S. colleges and universities benefited over the past several decades from an investment in Coca-Cola, received as gifts decades ago from Lettie Pate Evans and the Evans Foundation. The dividends paid from the Foundation’s holdings have supported many scholarships and other college operations.

Whole Foods Market's Identity Crisis

Craig A. Turner, Ph.D.  |  Entrepreneurship

Whole Foods Market was long the darling of the ecologically sensitive investors in that they tapped into a solid market that had a loyal and growing client base and high profit margins. As many mass retailers began to move into the grocery sector and also the organic/ecologically advantaged products market, they began to first thwart the growth of Whole Foods Market, but now there are also concerns of reducing sales and profits.

Abe Burns, Celebrity Techsplainer

Bob Cohen, MBA  |  Career Readiness - Exploring Your Potential

So, how does a guy who stands out in Beverly Hills like Harry Potter in a sea of Kardashians, become head of digital for a talent management company, whose clients include U2 and Amy Schumer, and a partner at a venture capital company founded by Ashton Kutcher and Madonna’s manager? He has a knack for recommendations.

How Grand Theft Auto Steers Driverless Cars

Bob Cohen, MBA  |  Career Readiness - Exploring Your Potential

Driverless-car researchers are using character-rich video game simulations to train vehicle software to behave like human drivers.

Everybody Into the Dark Pool

Bob Cohen, MBA  |  Career Readiness - Exploring Your Potential

Wall Street pros have dived headlong into dark pools, private exchanges where they can trade stocks with one another in secret. Now an entrepreneur is trying to bring a dark pool to the masses, especially young investors. Call it a kiddie pool.

Would You Pay for Your Online Privacy?

J. Vincent Eagan, JD, Ph.D.  |  Business Law

There is room to defend the Trump administration’s overturn of the Obama administration’s rules covering online privacy. The Obama administration’s privacy rules would have required broadband providers to ask customers permission before collecting personal data for use in selling ads.

Whole Foods Market’s Identity Crisis

Michael S. Raisinghani, Ph.D.  |  Marketing

Six straight quarters of declining same-store sales have forced Whole Foods Market, which has about 440 U.S. stores, to close stores and rein in costs. It has been pushing digital coupons and promotions while working to lower costs.

In Turkey, New Powers Won’t Fix Old Problems

Michael S. Raisinghani, Ph.D.  |  Business Fundamentals

The narrow victory on April 16, 2017’s referendum vote for expanding the powers for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey will not likely fix the ailing economy or reduce terrorism. Erdogan might take the victory as a mandate to reject European values and become increasingly inward-looking.

U.S. Dental Labs Are Gritting Their Teeth

Duane Helleloid, Ph.D.  |  International Business

Manufacturing of dentures and dental implants has become more automated and is increasingly done in low-wage locations. A combination of the use of digital technology, consolidation among dentists, and lower costs overseas has contributed to a shift in production of dental fixtures. U.S. manufacturers that have remained competitive have shed jobs by investing in automation.

Security Software, Insecurity Culture

Katherine Campbell, Ph.D.  |  Org Behavior & HR

In eight months, cyber-security startup Tanium Inc. has lost at least nine senior executives. This executive exodus is occurring despite the company’s ongoing success and growth. The CEO’s behavior may be the explanation.

Downsizing Google's Dream

Angelina I. T. Kiser, Ph.D.  |  Information Technology

Google Life Sciences is no more. Will you let Verily monitor you now?

Chinese Cars May Lose Their Learner's Permits

Duane Helleloid, Ph.D.  |  International Business

China is the world's largest auto market, and most cars are sold under a foreign brand name. This is a result of China's policy of requiring foreign car makers to work with a joint venture partner, and in the process transfer some technology and manufacturing expertise. As the Chinese government considers dropping this restriction, it could hurt local manufacturers who have come to depend on the profit streams from foreign-branded vehicles.

Is Trump’s Tax-Cut Tactic Based on an Error?

Larry Walther, Ph.D., CPA, CMA  |  Accounting & Taxation

Eliminate the controversial Affordable Care Act and save billions, right? Well, maybe not. The reason is that the ACA also imposed significant special taxes, especially hard hitting to higher income taxpayers. Repealing the ACA will also repeal the related taxes, and perhaps not help to solve the Federal deficit that is so concerning.

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