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April 13, 2014
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Welcome to the Bloomberg Businessweek Education Resource Center

The Education Resource Center provides detailed information on how to get started with the B-School Connection Program and outlines the value-added benefits available through our program partnership.

The Resource Center is a one-stop shop for professors in our program, delivering robust teaching tools and resources, including weekly Instructor Guides by discipline, discussion and quiz questions, curriculum integration ideas and more. 

This Week's Instructor Guides:

Accounting & Taxation

An Immodest Proposal

Is a global wealth tax a realistic eventuality?

Reviewer: Larry Tunnell, Ph.D., CPA

Business Fundamentals

Why U.S. Retailers are Still Vulnerable

Even as some big retailers have pushed ahead with upgrading to EMV technology, it looks like the majority of U.S. merchants will miss the October 2015 deadline for conversion.

Reviewer: Ralph W Flanary, MBA, CFE

Business Law

Slow Cop, Fast Beat

The SEC needs a multibillion-dollar data system to determine if speed traders are doing more harm than good.

Reviewer: J. Vincent Eagan, JD, Ph.D.

Business Strategy

Can Etihad's Flock of Also-Rans Fly?

Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Airways is betting that its investments in a global network of smaller, cash-strapped airlines will be a successful long-term play.

Reviewer: James Richardson, Ph.D.


Millennials Still Feel the Recession’s Bite

Low home values keep the young from accumulating wealth.

Reviewer: Brian Kench, Ph.D.


Innovation: Pay Range

Cash is becoming a thing of the past, even for small businesses.

Reviewer: Craig A. Turner, Ph.D.

Ethics & Responsibility

Samsung's War at Home

Troubling allegations raise questions about Samsung's responsibility for its employees' illnesses and deaths.

Reviewer: Katherine Campbell, Ph.D.


Slow Cop, Fast Beat

Are high-frequeny traders doing more harm than good? The SEC's go-slow approach to reining them in is causing some to question the SEC chair's lack of urgency.

Reviewer: Delvin D. Hawley, Ph.D.

Information Technology

Can Dropbox Avoid Getting Lost in the Clouds?

The popular storage service adds apps to fend off Box, Google, and Apple.

Reviewer: Angelina I. T. Kiser, Ph.D.

International Business

For Expats in China: Smog Perks

Expatriates considering a move to China are demanding more hardship pay to deal with air pollution.

Reviewer: Duane Helleloid, Ph.D.


I’ll Pass

Convertibles, long a symbol of fun and freedom, are going the way of the Model T.

Reviewer: Douglas L. Wilson, MBA

Operations Management

Why U.S. Retailers are Still Vulnerable

There is a lack of synchronization among retailers, credit card providers, and banks to upgrade their credit and debit card technology to reduce fraud.

Reviewer: Michael S. Raisinghani, Ph.D.

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An Immodest Proposal
Can Dropbox Avoid Getting Lost in the Clouds?
Can Etihad's Flock of Also-Rans Fly?
For Expats in China: Smog Perks
Innovation: Pay Range
I’ll Pass
Millennials Still Feel the Recession’s Bite
Samsung's War at Home
Slow Cop, Fast Beat
Slow Cop, Fast Beat
Why U.S. Retailers are Still Vulnerable
Why U.S. Retailers are Still Vulnerable