B-School Connection Program

Transform Your Students Into Leaders.  Strengthen critical and strategic thinking with the Bloomberg Businessweek B-School Connection Program.

With over 150 partner schools, the B-School Connection provides a customized program that will help your students become "students of the world". The program provides students and faculty with a weekly issue of Bloomberg Businessweek in digital or print format. A broad range of classroom tools available throughout the site will generate excitement and contribute to academic excellence.

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Education Resource Center

Our Education Resource Center provides professors and students with a wealth of resources beyond the magazine to help with engagement and integration through class discussions, exercises and projects. 

Resource Center Tools for Faculty

Weekly Instructor Guides: Written “by professors, for professors”, weekly Instructor’s Guides incorporate article abstracts, quiz questions, and discussion questions to bring lessons to life. Instructors can find relevant content for their course anytime by discipline, sector, region of the world, or competency.

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Disciplines & Topics

EDGE Guide: a competency-based tool providing active learning exercises and micro case studies designed to engage students in these competencies.

Integration Ideas: Shared by a community of instructors who have successfully integrated Bloomberg Businessweek content into their course, Integration Ideas are available by discipline and further broken down at the course level. Whether you’re teaching a General Business or Business Strategy course, you will find a range of ideas on how you can tie global current events into your curriculum. In addition to integration ideas by discipline, also find sample syllabi, how to integrate with Blackboard, and more.

Resource Center Tools for Students        

Weekly Reading Buckets: Students can find weekly articles and quiz questions by discipline, sector, region, and competency. The competencies chosen are based on the outcomes that faculty, universities, accreditation agencies, and downstream employers want to see in successful graduates.

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Disciplines & Topics

Career Strategies:  A library of 45+ career strategies covering essential topics such as how to conduct a successful interview to professional networking!

Career Self-Assessment: a 15 minute self-assessment with accompanying custom report to help students identify strengths, challenges, priorities, motivators and drivers.

Career Secrets: Audio access to the New York Times best-seller, Secrets of the Young & Successful, written by YSN CEO, Jennifer Kushell.

Worksheets: Downloadable planning worksheets to help students map out a game plan as they start thinking about career goals.

Value Added Partnership

Create unparalleled opportunity at your institution with the B-School Connection Partnership

Bloomberg Businessweek is committed to helping your institution develop the brightest business leaders of tomorrow. Through our partnership, Bloomberg Businessweek will help you create school events and programs which are designed to help you encourage students to actively engage in global issues, inspire instructors to enhance classroom curricula, and create unparalleled opportunity at your institution. A few programs developed by partner schools in conjunction with Bloomberg Businessweek include student contest & events, assessment studies, and teaching innovation programs.


Cover Wrap

Bloomberg Businessweek’s Cover Wrap program is designed to market your school, aid in your fundraising efforts and highlight your university’s core strengths. If you have any questions about the cover wrap program or if you need help getting started with the process, please contact your Bloomberg Businessweek sales representative. 

B-School News

Keep up to date with the latest rankings and B-School News happening around the world.

B-School Connection Program

Create Unparalleled Opportunity

Our uniquely designed Cover Wraps help to market your school, aid in fundraising efforts, and highlight your school’s core strengths to prospective candidates. Learn More

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