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ProfessorsOur “By Professors, For Professors” Instructor’s Guides allow the application of both recent and past events into meaningful lesson plans. These Guides, written by an advisory panel of 15 Professors, incorporate exercises and assignments to bring lessons to life. They are created in real-time and are forward looking, corresponding with the latest issue. From introductory level to advanced, the Instructor’s Guides current week’s issue ensuring maximum timeliness.

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The Bloomberg Businessweek Education Resource Center empowers professors to get the most out of the magazine with a robust and engaging package of services available 24/7.  Instructor’s tools, guides, classroom exercises, real-world examples, along with an articles archive makes the Education Resource Center a one-stop shop for professors.

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Why the U.S. Tax System Is Such a Mess

Issue 11-13-17
Why the U.S. Tax System Is Such a Mess


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