Integration Ideas
"Bloomberg Businessweek has really changed. It’s local, it’s global, it’s macro, it’s micro, it’s trade, it’s finance, and it’s all relevant. Every time I read it, I learn things that I can use in all my Economics classes... "

– Doug Wakeman PhD, Meredith College

Integration Ideas

Improve written and verbal communication.  Increase student engagement, participation, and contribution.  Expand business vocabulary and context.  Encourage critical and strategic thinking.  Enhance expectations.  Read More

Enhance Blackboard Discussions

• Each week post 2-5 questions on your Blackboard discussion forum concerning an article or topic that relates to the discipline that is covered in the current issue of BBW.
• Questions should be open-ended. You can use those provided with the Instructors’ Guide, and require additional research beyond the content in the article.
• Answers to the questions should require the student to state an opinion which should be backed up with facts.
• Students can be encouraged to respond to others’ posts, agree or disagree with them, and supply additional supporting facts to validate their position. Read More

Integration Ideas by Discipline

"Bloomberg Businessweek has really changed.  It's local, it's global, it's macro, it's micro, it's trade, it's finance, and it's all relevant.  Every time I read it, I learn things that I can use in all my economics classes.  I'm sure the same would be true for business, accounting, and finance classes."

– Doug Wakeman, PhD, Professor of Business, Meredith College Read More

Sample Lesson Plan

Explore sample lesson plans from professors who use Bloomberg Businessweek successfully in the classroom. Read More