Bloomberg Terminal & Businessweek Integration
University of Hawaii at Manoa, Shidler College of Business
Vance Roley, Dean

“In just a few short months, access to 11 new Bloomberg terminals is transforming the way students and faculty analyze market activity, make trading decisions and research financial trends at the University of Hawaii, Shidler College of Business. It's a proven tool used frequently in our finance, management and marketing classes. Finance Professor, David Hunter, uses the Bloomberg terminal to show asset prices in real-time, and instantly transitions to more detailed information to instruct students and answer their questions. Our undergraduate and graduate students use these terminals to monitor markets, research investments, construct investment portfolios, and then monitor their ongoing investment performance. Students and faculty are now spending less time searching and more time analyzing data.

Over half of our faculty currently uses Bloomberg Businessweek in their classes to discuss current real-world issues, supplement course materials, and/or teach business principles and concepts. Likewise, students use information from Businessweek for their research projects, class presentations and to stay current on global issues. Learning to be proficient with the Bloomberg professional services software and having access to Businessweek give students a tremendous advantage in the workplace.”