Integration Ideas by Discipline

"Bloomberg Businessweek has really changed.  It's local, it's global, it's macro, it's micro, it's trade, it's finance, and it's all relevant.  Every time I read it, I learn things that I can use in all my economics classes.  I'm sure the same would be true for business, accounting, and finance classes."

– Doug Wakeman, PhD, Professor of Business, Meredith College

Stuart Schafer, Business Law

Simply stated, once a week I remind students, professionals continually update their knowledge in their chose profession, and as future business men and women, do a little reading every day over time will encompass enormous amounts of information and broaden their perception of the world.  Read More

Dr. Kristl Davison, Business Strategy

In my classes I typically use Bloomberg Businessweek articles to supplement the textbook and other teaching materials. Typically, I examine the emailed Instructor's Guide to see if there are any articles relevant to the courses I teach.  Read More