Business Law
Stuart Schafer, University of Mississippi

Simply stated, once a week I remind students, professionals continually update their knowledge in their chose profession, and as future business men and women, do a little reading every day over time will encompass enormous amounts of information and broaden their perception of the world. So, weekly students are reminded to read business related publications, particularly Bloomberg Businessweek.

Because of the broad range of business interests covered in BBW, specific business law articles and specific negotiation articles aren't always present. But a little effort and a little reading usually lead to some classroom material. I draw attention to BBW articles in my BUS 250 & 322 classes when I find and article with relevance to something we have done or are about to do. This is done to show students the real world relevance of their studies. This is more common in B-Law as I can draw their attention to the publication and discuss the article in my lecture. In the negotiation class, discussions over a broader range of topics have occurred, especially concerning politics and its interconnection and relationship to business. If there is more than one side to a story, we've got a topic ripe for discussion and negotiation.

BBW articles are an essential part in addressing my objective to enhance critical thinking and engage students in complex reasoning whenever possible.