Ethics & Responsibility
Richard McCarthy, Quinnipiac University

Our goal is to incorporate the use of Bloomberg Businessweek as a resource within our core business curriculum:

Professional Development (required by all first semester freshmen)—include 4-5 writing assignments based upon current business issues but based upon themes such as financial analysis, social responsibility, etc.  The learning outcomes are to improve student written communication and to increase their understanding of current business issues.

Written Communications— include 5-6 writing assignments that reinforce what was built upon in Professional Development.  This is a sophomore level class.  The learning outcome for this course is to increase students’ ability to write for business including, but not limited to, creation of executive summaries and analysis of business topics.

Ethics AND Diversity—include 3-4 writing assignments that are based upon an analysis of ethical issues or issues of social responsibility.  This will reinforce the concepts of ethical models presented in the course using business issues that are current and relevant.