International Business
Joe S. Anderson, Northern Arizona University

I have been using Bloomberg Businessweek for quite a few years now, in several different undergraduate classes. Recently I have used it in International Management and in Leadership. I have also used it in our Capstone Strategic Management course and a few others. My courses have been structured (usually over the last few years) so that the first meeting of the week is dedicated to textbook chapter content, including a possible quiz on the readings, then review and discussion question and a mini-case analysis. The second class meeting of the week (or the third, if I’m doing 3 x a week) is dedicated to BBW article review and analysis. The students are given an assignment sheet earlier in the week which gives them a list of 4-8 BBW articles from the most recent issue. They must choose 2 or 3 to write on in a one-page memo, and the assignment is to relate the articles to course and textbook topics. This gives them the opportunity to choose their own articles from the list, and to relate them to any course/text topics that they think are salient. The variety of the results of the memos provides a rich resource for class discussion that covers the current topics from the articles, as well as reinforcing the course topics from earlier in the week and earlier in the semester.

From the perspective of the students: It has been quite common for me to have positive responses about BBW in the end-of-semester open-ended comments on our student evaluations of teaching. Students enjoy seeing how the course topics are illustrated by real-world companies in real-world situations. They frequently comment that they would not otherwise be keeping up on business news at all. Several of my students, who I have talked to years after they had been in my class, have made similar comments to one from one of my Management for Non-Business Students. She said, three years after she had my class: “Guess what, Dr. Anderson? I STILL have a subscription to BBW! I still love it.” I can’t think of a better recommendation than that for using the magazine in my classes.