Businessweek Case Analysis Scholarship Competition

New Mexico Highlands University: Businessweek Case Analysis Undergraduate Scholarship Competition

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School of Business Administration undergraduate students are eligible to participate in this competition.  Students can submit individual cases or short, written projects assigned in any upper division business class.

Criteria for evaluation:

Students must submit a short case, a paper, or a written project

Maximum length:  2000 words (6 pages, typed)

Students must use the Bloomberg Businessweek publication as a source for the case or project

Subject matter:  must involve a business topic, business case study, or other relevant business issue.

Style:  Paper must follow APA style guidelines typical of business writing.

Faculty in the School of Business will evaluate each submission based on the business topic, quality of the written paper, the ability of the applicant to discuss and present a cohesive paper, and the quality of analysis presented in the paper. 

Scholarship Awards