Sample Syllabus

Prof.  Mark Smith

Management Dept Office          

University of Louisiana- Lafayette, College of Business                                                             

Course Prerequisites

Must be in the last 18 hrs of your program in the College of Business and have all CBK core courses, except BSAT 382, ACCT 333, BSAT 303, MGMT 425, MKTG 470, ECON 403, FNAN 412, & ACCT 436

Course Description

This is a senior level course in a professional program.  Strategic Management theories will be presented integrating all areas of Business. Students will be tested on their ability to learn and apply these theories to historical and current  situations.  Professional levels of written and oral communication will be required.

Course Goals & Objectives 

1) For students to demonstrate a knowledge of core business disciplines.
2) For students to learn the current strategic management research and its strengths and weaknesses.
3) For students to be able to analyze historical and current situations in light of Strategic Management theory and communicate this understanding in a professional manner both in writing and orally.
4) For students to improve their career skills by gaining insight into their own strategic biases and abilities.

Time on Task Expectations

The average student should expect to spend 6 hours a week studying either the text, preparing cases, or studying for exams depending on the assignment for the week.  They should also plan to attend class 3 hours a week. (See Attendance Policy)

Student /Teacher Interaction Expectations

Office hours are available for student consultation on course, career, or general university issues.  Student consultation on case, exam and participation is encouraged.  When not having office hours or in class, I can be found at Abdalla Hall.

Student/Student Interaction Expectations

Students are expected to engage each other in class participation and may find it useful to discuss the cases outside of class.

Attendance Policy

Attendance is expected and roll will be taken.  Attendance is a factor in the class participation portion of your grade.  One can hardly demonstrate ones professionalcommunications skills if one is absent .  Following University policy, 10% of classes are allowed to be missed before deductions are made to your grade.  Use your allowed 10% of the classes wisely!

Academic Honesty Policy

I have been asked to make a statement on cheating.  I am against it.  If you represent others work as your own I will, within the rules of the University, try and end your career here.

Grading Policy 

Theory  Exam        25%

1st Case Exam      25%

Final Case Exam    25%

Class Participation  25%

THEORY EXAM: This will be composed of 50 multiple choice questions on the lectures.

CASE EXAMs: The case exam will be composed of an article from Business Week.  Students will be expected to analyze the situation portrayed using theory in a professional manner and make suggestions to the CEO. A model discussed in class will need to be fully used.

CLASS PARTICIPATION: There will be many opportunities to discuss ideas and cases in class.  Your participation will be rewarded.  For each Business Week article selected for class discussion you will be expected to research, analyze and perform a financial analysis for class discussion..If you demonstrate a lack of preparedness, that will be penalized.  Attendance is also a factor. (See Attendance Policy above) 

Class Schedule

Date                 Assignment

8/25                  Lecture on Introduction to the course,

8/27                  Chrysler/Fiat page 27-28 Business Week

9/3                    Overview of Strategic Formulation and Implementation

9/8                    Business Week Case

9/10                  Lecture on Strategic Environmental Analysis

9/15                  Business Week Case

9/17                  Lecture on Financial Analysis

9/22                  Business Week Case

9/24                  Lecture on Business Level Strategy

9/29                 Business Week Case

10/6                  Practice Exam

10/8                  Case write up Exam

10/13                Exam Return, Lecture on How to Get a Job

10/15                ETS EXAM

10/20                Lecture on Management Goals and Business Ethics

10/22                Business Week Case

10/27                Lecture on Diversification Strategies

10/29                Business Week Case

11/3                  Lecture on Business Model

11/5                  Business Week Case

11/10                Lecture on Strategic Planning

11/12                Business Week Case

11/17                Theory exam review

11/19                Theory Exam -

11/24                exam return, Lecture on Leadership

12/1                  Business Week Case

12/3                  Final Review and ending thoughts