Bob Cohen, MBA

Bob has more than 35 years of experience in career education, human resource management, HR consulting and outplacement. In his most recent experience, Bob served as Assistant Director of the FAS Office of Career Services at Harvard University where he provided counseling and career education services to Harvard College students and alumni interested in pursuing careers in all fields of “business.” Over this period, Bob was devoted to helping students understand the diversity of opportunities that exist in the world of work that far surpasses the common perception of “business” at Harvard as being strictly consulting or investment banking. This view of career development was recognized in an article that appeared in The Harvard Magazine along with an endorsement of the Business section of the OCS web site Bob created. Bob enjoyed working with students at any given stage of their career decision-making process and emphasized the importance of making informed choices that reflect an individual’s instincts and personal definition of success. Bob also provided guidance on graduate business schools.

Prior to joining Harvard, Bob was Associate Director of Career Services at what is now the Questrom School of Business at Boston University. In his various roles at BU, Bob managed the undergraduate counseling team and supervised an operations staff of fifteen. In this capacity, Bob directed the installation of an on-line on-campus recruiting program as well represented the department on the School of Management web design team. One of his most significant accomplishments at BU was to encourage a young freshman, now a successful entrepreneur and career evangelist, to pursue her dreams for success (Jennifer Kushell, CEO, YSN).

Previously, Bob managed on-site employment, outplacement, training, and program design services for a nationwide management consulting firm that served clients in the consumer and industrial products, financial services, health care and high technology industries. Prior to consulting, Bob worked in various human resources management roles in the computing and retail services industries.

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