Advisory Panel

Accounting & Taxation

Larry Walther, Ph.D., CPA, CMADavid George Vequist IV, Ph.D.

Business Fundamentals

Ralph W Flanary, MBA, CFEThomas Coe

Business Strategy

James Richardson, Ph.D.

Career Readiness - Exploring Your Potential

Bob Cohen, MBA


Brian Kench, Ph.D.Eric CardellaDerek Abrams


Craig A. Turner, Ph.D.


Delvin D. Hawley, Ph.D.

Information Technology

Angelina I. T. Kiser, Ph.D.

International Business

Duane Helleloid, Ph.D.


Douglas L. Wilson, MBA

Operations Management

James J. Stewart, DScPedro M. Reyes, Ph.D.

Org Behavior & HR

Katherine Campbell, Ph.D.

Craig A. Turner, Ph.D.

Craig A. Turner, Assistant Professor of Management and Marketing in the College of Business and Technology at East Tennessee State University, entered academe after 12 years in the agricultural field specializing in risk management. His primary areas of interest are risk management and entrepreneurship. He has twice been selected as a participant in the prestigious Lally-Darden Entrepreneurship Retreat. He earned a Ph.D. in management from the University of Tennessee Knoxville in 1999.

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Myanmar's Hotel Room Glut

As Myanmar's government is transitioning, it clearly sees the opportunity for tourism development, and it has strongly encouraged it by creating some of the necessary infrastructural components. Unfortunately, the tourism sector has yet to kick in, and this is causing some consternation.

Where Buffett Failed

A ten-person shoemaking startup in Maine is trying to keep the craft of hand-sewn footwear profitable in the era of globalization.

A Reputation for Badoo Behavior

The aligning of corporate culture with the vision and mission of the organization has always been assumed to be a strong antecedent to higher levels of performance. With companies such as Badoo, a dating site popular in Russia and Latin America, the human resource practices used to attract and retain personnel have flown in the face of current acceptable practices. Parties that include risqué activities have become legendary in its corporate offices in London. This troubles some, but obviously attracts the talent that Andrey Andreev, its founder, perceives to create the environment conducive to growing his profitable business.

Here Comes the Space Cleanup Crew

What goes up must come down. We are all aware of the old adage, and it has sparked concern for people as we launch more and more items into space that remain in close orbit. Now, the desirable orbits have become more cluttered, and the risk to very expensive new technology launched into orbit is becoming an issue. Technology is now addressing this as innovators have begun to invent cleanup satellites to remove space junk.

Cessna Flights for the Masses

The basic concept of Uber is now spreading into other transportation arenas as well. A new California-based startup, Blackbird Air Inc., is providing a ride-sharing app for short-distance air travel. The app matches travelers that are time constrained with flights originating from general aviation airfields. These passengers would otherwise tie up valuable time using commercial air travel or driving to their destination. The price is significantly lower than chartering a flight.