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Craig A. Turner, Ph.D.

Craig A. Turner, Assistant Professor of Management and Marketing in the College of Business and Technology at East Tennessee State University, entered academe after 12 years in the agricultural field specializing in risk management. His primary areas of interest are risk management and entrepreneurship. He has twice been selected as a participant in the prestigious Lally-Darden Entrepreneurship Retreat. He earned a Ph.D. in management from the University of Tennessee Knoxville in 1999.

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Innovation: Pill Printer

A 3D printer the size of a toaster is now capable of printing capsules or gummies containing exactly the right amounts and blends of drugs for patients. It can produce the completed medication in a third of the time taken by pharmacists typically. The company, Vitae Industries founded by Sinanan-Singh and Daniel DeCiccio, will sell its printers for around $5,000 and charge a monthly fee for software access.

Struggling to Keep the Lights On

The locally oriented economic structure of Puerto Rico followed a model that many in the United States find appealing. A hurricane has blown some of that theory upside down and the problems of being self-sufficient are particularly telling to entities that have yet to reopen nor see reason to do so thus far.

Faltering Fowl Fuel Finnish Fury

The "Angry Birds" app came out in 2009 and became a staggering hit across a variety of demographic sectors. Its popularity even moved over to the big screen, where it arguably had its most sound financial success. Rovio, the parent firm, has struggled to come up with new titles to supplement its mainstay "Angry Birds" success. Investors in the IPO have become frustrated.

Man Versus Machine | Optometry

The typical eye exam in which we go to the optometrist and are examined by a series of machines as the physician writes down the results has become so technically oriented that one company has designed a unit that drastically minimizes the time needed for evaluation by a trained optometrist. The company, PlenOptika, has designed a $2,500 handheld model for use in developing economies and higher priced versions for use in developed markets.

Innovation: Woebot

With a burgeoning focus on mental health in the healthcare arena, 39-year-old Alison Darcy decided to design an app (Woebot) that discerns the changes in the mental health of its users and offers helpful videos and programs to treat the patient/user. At this point in time, she is experimenting with payment models to make the program profitable and sustainable.