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Craig A. Turner, Assistant Professor of Management and Marketing in the College of Business and Technology at East Tennessee State University, entered academe after 12 years in the agricultural field specializing in risk management. His primary areas of interest are risk management and entrepreneurship. He has twice been selected as a participant in the prestigious Lally-Darden Entrepreneurship Retreat. He earned a Ph.D. in management from the University of Tennessee Knoxville in 1999.

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Horse DNA Trading

Cloning is a term met with a good deal of skepticism and fear. This is somewhat justified, but can there be uses that would make its techniques valuable and ethical? The performance horse industry believes it can. It has already achieved success and acceptance in several divisions using techniques mastered by Crestview Genetics of Texas. The company hasn't let its success whither. It's now considering limited forays into human cloning to aid areas such as diabetes research. Crestview claims to be worth $75 million.

The Hatchet Men and the Hot Dog

"I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Weiner." But would you want to own the company and be responsible for this product line? 3G Capital, along with Warren Buffett, decided they did, though not only that brand but all of Kraft's brands. The wiener does represent a sound microcosm of the problems facing large brands that were stalwarts over the past century. 3G is known for cost cutting to gain returns on their investments. They are taking a new approach with Oscar Mayer.

That Seventies Startup

When we think of entrepreneurs in the Internet and computing world, we typically envision young mavericks with concepts derived from their state-of-the-art classes at top colleges. Here we see three guys well over seventy who have come up with a competitive product in the arena of IT security. Their perspective differs from those following the more traditional approach but may still be as effective.

Innovation: Needle Grinder

Disposal of needles used in the medical field are a concern for both society and risk-control managers involved in the waste-management field. Sterilis, a small startup firm located in Massachusetts, has created a unit that is said to save $1,000 per month in disposal costs.

Stand By . . . Scanning for Viruses and Secrets

It would appear that simply the inclusion of the word "Russia" sparks fears of espionage and fears of collusion to destroy the United States. To ramp that up even more, include cybersecurity in the discussion.