Delvin D. Hawley, Ph.D.

Delvin D. (Del) Hawley is Senior Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Finance at the School of Business Administration, University of Mississippi. He has been on the Ole Miss faculty since 1986, has been Associate Dean since 1993, and currently serves as the CFO, COO, and CIO for the school. Dr. Hawley teaches corporate finance and entrepreneurship in the MBA Program and occasionally serves as an expert witness and consultant in cases involving business valuation and economic loss due to injury or death. He has more than 15 years of management experience in the retail industry. He holds a PhD in finance, an MBA in finance, and a BS in psychology from Michigan State University.

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Everybody Into the Dark Pool

Wall Street pros have dived headlong into dark pools, exclusive private exchanges where they can trade stocks with each other in secret. Now comes an entrepreneur with a new twist: a dark pool for the masses, especially young investors. The small dark pool promises youthful fun and tries to make trading less intimidating for college students. Experts, however, are advising caution because of the risks and potential for conflicts of interest.

Lies, Damn Lies, and Financial Statistics

The past president of the American Finance Association said that to get published in journals, there's a powerful temptation to "torture the data until it confesses" and that most of the empirical research in finance is likely false. Consequently, this implies that half the financial products that companies are selling to clients promising to outperform the market are also false, he wrote.

Wall Street’s New Favorite Way to Swap Secrets Is Against the Rules

Encrypted messaging apps like WhatsApp and Signal are raising concerns about widespread abuse by traders at big banks. The apps are an easy and virtually untraceable way to circumvent compliance, get around the HR police and keep bosses in the dark. A deeper concern is that the apps could enable reckless and illegal behavior that's all but impossible to police.

Blockchain Can Grow More Than Just Money

Ethereum is a new blockchain technology being hyped as an uncensorable, unstoppable world computer that will provide a new and entirely secure way to construct contracts and move money. Think of it as a way for people to make agreements and automate enforcement with total reliability. Its advocates think it could be a universally accessible machine for running businesses. A $60 million theft by hackers showed that, although Ethereum may be powerful, it’s still new and prone to mishaps.

Why Robert Shiller Is Worried About the Trump Rally

The last time Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Shiller heard stock-market investors talk like this was in the dot-com bubble, when traders were captivated by technological transformation. Today, everyone’s buzzing about Donald Trump and his bold plans to turbocharge the U.S. economy while seeming to ignore the downside risks. Shiller thinks the market is highly overpriced and could be primed for another crash.