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A New Sports Authority

Most of the large sporting news agencies have been under siege lately and resigned to laying off sports journalist to cut costs. However, recent startup The Athletic is launching a new type of sports new platform, one that is subscription based and focused on in-depth local analysis of sports teams in designated cities.

The Crazy Math Behind Drug Prices

While technology continues to advance and the prices of many consumer goods are declining, the trend for drug prices has been in the opposite direction. Several current lawsuits are pending in multiple states alleging that the interactions between Big Pharma companies and pharmacy benefit managers are contributing to the increase of list prices for pharmaceutical drugs, which is a serious concern for many.

Want a $1 Million Paycheck? Skip College and Go Work in a Lumberyard

While many youths flock to college to secure a college degree with the hopes of securing a lucrative job in their career field, many skilled and high paying blue-collar jobs go unfilled. Having difficulty filling job vacancies, many companies are advertising the possible career prospects of skilled blue-collar positions that don’t require college degrees.

Where Buffet Failed

In an attempt to rekindle one of Maine’s predominant industries and capitalize on the specialized talent of the skilled craftsman in the area, a startup is bucking the trend of outsourcing production. Instead, it's producing high quality, handmade shoes in Maine.

The Airbnb of Warehousing

In the age of startups and e-commerce, one of the biggest issues for small merchants is how to efficiently manage inventory and delivery. Many of these companies have been going through Amazon’s warehouse, which requires their customers to buy their product through Amazon's website. However, a new company, Flexe Inc., is offering a flexible storage and delivery alternative.