Larry Walther, Ph.D., CPA, CMA

Larry Walther is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Accounting at the University of Texas at Arlington. He is the author of numerous articles and books on accounting subject matters and is a frequent consultant to businesses on complex financial accounting issues. He has public accounting and industry experience and has piloted several businesses from start-up to successful sale to larger public corporations. His latest academic endeavor is an online textbook that can be viewed at He holds a PhD from Oklahoma State University and an MPA and BBA from University of Texas at Arlington.

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The Talking Cat and the Peroxide Corporation

Mergers between Chinese industrial companies and U.S. video game and app makers are hot right now. What's behind these seemingly bizarre transactions and the economics that drive them?

Revising Retirement

The financial analysis is easy. The answer is always the same. Maximize every cent of tax-deferred savings that is available to you under the tax code. Yet, many people pass on this rather simple and readily available tax strategy.

Tax Cuts. As Easy As...

Transversality is a rather fancy term from mathematics, referring the intersection of spaces. Now, the term is now coming into to vogue in the debate about tax reform. The basic premise is that debt relative to size of the economy cannot grow to infinity. Some argue that the combined effects of tax cuts and spending increases are set to do just that.

Stock Investors Nervously Do the Math

Against traditional levels, the current price-to-earnings ratios are high, which has many market pundits worried about a pullback. But interest rates are low, about as low as has ever been observed for a sustained period of time. This article provides a cautionary opinion about market valuations, yet they go higher for now. Use the article to discuss the impact of low rates on earnings, discounted cash flows, and the accounting measurements that drive these valuation metrics.

Is Trump’s Tax-Cut Tactic Based on an Error?

Eliminate the controversial Affordable Care Act and save billions, right? Well, maybe not. The reason is that the ACA also imposed significant special taxes, especially hard hitting to higher income taxpayers. Repealing the ACA will also repeal the related taxes, and perhaps not help to solve the Federal deficit that is so concerning.