Larry Walther, Ph.D., CPA, CMA

Larry Walther is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Accounting at the University of Texas at Arlington. He is the author of numerous articles and books on accounting subject matters and is a frequent consultant to businesses on complex financial accounting issues. He has public accounting and industry experience and has piloted several businesses from start-up to successful sale to larger public corporations. His latest academic endeavor is an online textbook that can be viewed at He holds a PhD from Oklahoma State University and an MPA and BBA from University of Texas at Arlington.

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SEC's Acting Chair Acts LIke He Runs the Place

Top leadership at the SEC of course depends on who runs the White House. Leadership transitions are usually accompanied by a new president, and this period is no different. Well, maybe just a bit different. The current Acting SEC head is not just an actor but is moving aggressively to roll back regulations that could lessen the work for audit firms.

Trump's 'Big Number' On Dodd-Frank

Much maligned, and rightly so, Dodd-Frank has imposed lender regulations that have tied up business lending and greatly elevated the cost of doing business for borrowers and lenders alike. The regulatory reality is regarded by many to be worse than the perceived evils that it purports to address.

Ghost Lawyer

Michael Jackson died in 2009, and the executor of his estate valued his name and likeness at $2,105. The IRS is protesting, claiming the correct number should have been north of $1 billion. Now scheduled for trial, the government is asking the U.S. Tax Court to award more than $700 million in back taxes and penalties.

How a Clever GOP Tax Plan Managed to Baffle Everyone

Ccorporate tax rates look to be headed for a plunge, but the government is seeking a clever way to generate revenues for itself, with the growing enthusiasm for a border tax on imported goods. Since the United States is a huge net importer, the added collections could way more than offset the drop in tax collections unless unintended consequences creep in.

Startup Behavox is Using AI to Build a Sort of Minority Report for Rogue Traders

Accountants and auditors are charged with establishing and monitoring internal controls, but even the best systems pose risks of rogue human behavior. As a result, auditors are additionally alert to personal behavior attributes and have traditionally defaulted to assessments based around the fraud triangle of pressure/risk/opportunity. Now, big data, or perhaps "big brother," is using far more sophisticated methods to monitor behavior.