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How Much Is a Miracle Worth?

Spark Therapeutics Inc. has spent about $400 million developing a blindness cure. What's unclear is how to price the breakthrough.

Traders’ New Favorite Way to Swap Secrets

Encrypted messaging apps are raising risk of widespread abuse. Employees at big banks share gossip, client data, and more. Investment banks regularly monitor only certain trading-floor lines, and at least until 2018, financial firms generally aren't required to record employees' calls.

Jeff Bezos Goes Grocery Shopping

Amazon’s goal is to become a Top 5 grocery retailer by 2025. This would require more than $30 billion in annual food and beverage spending through its sites, up from $8.7 billion—including Amazon Fresh and all other food and drink sales—in 2016.

The Smartest Machines Are Playing Games

Artificial intelligence researchers are training their systems to master steadily more complex fantasy worlds. The holy grail is solving not one game but any game with multiple players and imperfect information, as in the real world.

Apple’s Alternative to Virtual Reality

Apple Inc.'s CEO Tim Cook is betting on augmented reality (AR), a cousin of virtual reality (VR) that he believes will keep his company on top and may even supplant the iPhone. With the market set to rise 80 percent by 2024, Apple is tapping hundreds of engineers to develop AR hardware and software.