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$400 Million Richer By Pinching Pennies

The online grocery delivery startup, Instacart Inc., is looking to pinch pennies, starting with bottle deposit fees. It's working to increase ad revenue as it tries to prove it’s the exception in a field of delivery-app failures.

For Diabetics, the Power of Knowing

Users of a new type of glucose meter scanned themselves as many as forty-five times a day. Diabetics using a new meter took readings more frequently — about sixteen times a day — and did better at lowering glucose levels.

Neighborhood Watch

ProtectWise Inc. is gearing up to roll out a virtual-reality product that gives cybersentinels a fresh way of dealing with hacks. VR software from ProtectWise sees, and displays, the massive blur of data for what it is: a matrix.

Toto, I’ve a Feeling We’re Still in Kansas (or Missouri)

Google brought its high-speed internet to Kansas City, but it did not turn the city into a tech paradise. Google overestimated Fiber's impact, and its expansion plans deflated.

Fun Filters Don’t Make Good Neighbors

Snap Inc. has been acquiring the limited supply of commercial and residential real estate and parking for its headquarters in Venice, CA. A disappearing bee colony becomes a symbol for the IPO-fueled growth locals fear will swamp the quirky Los Angeles neighborhood the startup calls home.