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Augmenting Snap’s Financial Reality

Snapchat is piloting ads built into pricey custom Lenses. It says a third of Snapchat users play with Lenses and geofilters daily. It remains to be seen whether the Lenses are effective or Facebook-proof.

Waze Wants to Help You Hitch a Ride

Google's Waze is doing more than just traffic maps. Now it's trying its hand at carpooling.

How to Launder a Russian

Russians have loaded up on Cyprus’s citizenship program that attracted $4.4 billion in foreign investment last year. Cypriot citizenship helps them avoid the prying eyes of their government and pay lower taxes, and may make it easier to move money, because banks see them as benign locals, rather than potentially suspicious foreigners. One Russian got citizenship after buying two Limassol villas.

Satellite Pics for Cheap!!

An Iranian immigrant in Silicon Valley is challenging the $500 million behemoths and touting night shots that pierce cloud cover. Spy-quality satellite imaging for cheap.

Kaplan Sells Its College But Keeps Its Profits

Purdue University has teamed up with the for-profit Kaplan higher-education chain to sell online degrees. It is a way for for-profit colleges to shed a tarnished label and still stay in business. It helps public universities expand their reach with online degrees targeting older Americans—many of them minorities—who are unable to attend traditional schools.