A Bike-Share Invasion From China

Issue 11-13-17   |   Reviewer:   Craig A. Turner, Ph.D.


Bike sharing has become quite popular in many parts of the world. One of the major expenses of setting up a business in this arena is safe storage space. In the past, there have been secure docking spaces that require rental and agreements, but some bike sharing models now require no stipulated return location. This creates a new public issue, with bikes being dropped off after use in areas that can create aesthetically challenges or even potentially hazardous environments for citizens. It's likely that solutions will involve additional cost to these companies.

The popularity of such services has been fairly profound, and their profitability has led to large investments, but the public cost has not yet been ascertained. The clutter of bikes dropped off at popular destinations has resulted in calls for some level of control, but thus far solutions are incomplete. Still, cities eager to cut down on the pollution of internal combustion engines and traffic want to see a workable solution using a less environmentally destructive solution to intracity transportation.

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