America’s Relationship with Mark Zuckerberg is ‘It’s Complicated’

Issue 09-25-17   |   Reviewer:   Michael S. Raisinghani, Ph.D.


The “Facebook community,” as its CEO Mark Zuckerberg has taken to referring to his company, is on the verge of adding its 2 billionth user. In early September 2017, Facebook disclosed that it sold $100,000 in political ads during the 2016 election to buyers who it later learned were connected to the Russian governemnt. A study published earlier in 2017 by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that heavy social media users were, on average, more isolated than their peers. In surveys of users, only 100 million people (i.e., only 5 percent of Facebook’s user base) told Facebook they use the site to connect with groups they find “meaningful.”

Facebook product managers have been asked by their CEO to treat group administrators as a constituency, like advertisers and app developers. In a Facebook post in May, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company would start encouraging Facebook friendships among people who don’t know each other in real life, in addition to connecting existing friend groups.

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