Cruises Could Be Big Winners in Cuba

Issue 05-15-17   |   Reviewer:   Thomas Coe


With 1950s-era automobiles as a fitting backdrop, U.S. tourists are finding Cuba to be a tourist destination needing an upgrade. 

U.S. tourists are starting to venture into Cuba, the island nation that was, until recently, not a typical Caribbean tourist destination. The U.S. embargo on trading with its nearest neighbor has severely limited the amenities available on other islands in the region—quality hotel accommodations and dining. Other than cultural and historic sites, which are limited and in various states of maintenance, tourists seem to have few options other than going to bars and walking some streets. 

Cruise ships enjoy the ability to travel from island to island and provide tourists with quality accommodations that many ports of call lack. With several options for tourists, both in the ability to go from country to country and over different time spans—days or weeks—cruise ships can be a tool to open tourism until strong relations and development on the island take place.

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