Doctors Without Patients

Issue 09-11-17   |   Reviewer:   Eric Cardella


A recent trend has been the growing number of medical students choosing to pursue other nonclinical professions. A survey in 2016 of over 17,000 medical school graduates revealed that 13.5 percent planned to seek a nonclinical job, and 25 percent said they would have chosen a different field if they started their education again.

Many respondents cited the problems of dealing with insurance companies and lack of flexibility in their schedule as leading causes. In addition, many med students have more options as schools are now offering many types of dual degrees; consulting companies, investment firms, and other businesses are actively recruiting medical professionals; and there has been an increase in the amount of investment into medical-related startups.

There is already a shortage of doctors in the U.S., especially in rural areas, and this will only continue to get worse if the trend continues.

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