Faltering Fowl Fuel Finnish Fury

Issue 12-04-17   |   Reviewer:   Craig A. Turner, Ph.D.


The Angry Birds app came out in 2009 and became a staggering hit across a variety of demographic sectors. Its popularity even moved over to the big screen, where it arguably had its most sound financial success. Rovio, the parent firm that owns the licensing rights, has struggled to come up with new titles to supplement its mainstay Angry Birds success.

While Angry Birds has maintained a fairly consistent user base, other developments have been less than stellar. Investors in the initial public offering (IPO) have become frustrated by higher marketing costs that have not attained a commensurate amount of market development.

While recognizing that a brand such as Angry Birds can survive long-run with modest tweaks and improvements, it is still evident that other titles are needed to further develop the flock. In the rapid and profitable market for gaming apps, nimbleness is essential, and sometimes success is difficult to attain or even trace once a company has found a hit title. 

Thus far, the flagship title's extended brand power across platforms has kept the stock from a precipitous drop, but investors did not get in at the early stage to break even. They are starting to flock somewhat like Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. They want more seed to be successfully planted. 

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