This Home Camera Can Tell Who’s There

Issue 05-15-17   |   Reviewer:   Craig A. Turner, Ph.D.


Current technologies allow people to remotely access cameras in their home, or at work, to see if anyone enters and ascertain what they are doing. This is useful, but many times, the alerts are triggered by people who are supposed to be there, and the alert is more bothersome than useful.

Using 3D sensors and facial recognition software, Lighthouse, a startup run by two entrepreneurs in their 30s, out of Stanford, is improving the efficiency of these cameras by only bringing in the exceptions to the user's mobile device. The camera is scheduled to be available in September at a price of $399 and includes one year of service. After that, the price for the service will be $10 a month. 

While the facial recognition feature is an important distinctive element of the product, they are also developing other features, such as the ability to trigger reports if the dog walker doesn't show up on time, or turning on appliances remotely. Many of these features are being offered by competitive devices already, but when bundled with the facial recognition feature, the service offers a competitive advantage. Competitive products run from $30 per month to service a camera that has a price of around $200. 

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