Survival of the Fitted

Issue 02-13-17   |   Reviewer:   Craig A. Turner, Ph.D.


Data mining by traditional brick-and-mortar fashion retailers is not a new thing, but third party data tracking in the internet era is creating advantageous data that can lead to better targeting. Le Tote, a fashion rental service that uses products from such traditional retailers as the French Connection, collects data on the level of satisfaction of their customers (who pay a fee for their service) and now partners with the retailers to help meet the needs of consumers in a tailor-made way.

Using their consumers responses, both behaviorally and explicitly stated, Le Tote can provide data that is capable of changing the design of products and the offerings of products targeted by the retailer. This provides better designs and quicker adaptation which can lead to more efficiency throughout the retailer's value chain. The ability to note frustrations of customers and consistency of problems can lead to alterations in fabric, design, and even where the buttons are placed. Le Tote collects nothing from the traditional retailer, but gains by accommodation to the mutual consumer's satisfaction.

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