The Job Market Has Drastically Changed. Millennials, This Is How to Thrive

Issue 09-11-17   |   Reviewer:   Bob Cohen, MBA


Millenials have been given a bad rap. In a vastly changed job market, millennials are unfairly perceived as flighty and lacking in commitment when it comes to sticking with one job. However, data indicates that changing jobs with a certain frequency is smart practice, almost a necessity. Since staying put for too long can stunt career growth in a constantly evolving tech-centric job market, exposure to different sectors is crucial. The traditional career path of getting hired straight out of college, staying at that same company, and working up the ladder until retirement has become redundant to most.

So, for millennials, the question isn't whether they should stay put for longer but rather how can each job be turned into a building block along a career path. But, very few of us are born with a burning passion and desire for a specific career. Most of us develop our passions through experiences, discovering firsthand if a role is truly meant for us. Millennials must grasp the opportunities presented by a dynamic, evolving job market. Millennials in today's job market must try their hands at various roles, placing an emphasis on learning. Being taught tangible skills, boosting transferable skills, and, crucially, learning what you love and what you are good at should be your priorities.

Utilizing social connections and in-depth learning about a company is an important step. Too many qualified candidates accept jobs hastily without thinking sufficiently of the long term. This is particularly true in the current climate where many intelligent young adults are having trouble getting hired. There's an instinct to snag the first remotely relevant opportunity that comes along. This is a mistake. Accepting job offers should be calculated in the context of overall career vision. Reaching out to current employees, requesting a workday trial, or undertaking extensive research is necessary to ensure each new position is a suitable match and another stepping stone to actualizing your career.

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