The Marlboro Man's Grisly Replacement

Issue 10-08-12   |   Reviewer:   Ralph W Flanary, MBA, CFE


Australia has recently implemented the most aggressive anti-smoking packaging laws in the world. The world's first plain-packaging laws require very graphic pictures and health warnings that cover most of the front, back, and sides of the cigarette pack. Graphic images include a gangrenous foot, tongue cancer, a toilet with bloody urine, and a new Marlboro man dying of lung cancer.

Similar regulations in the U.S. are tied up in court, but Australia is being watched closely by the tobacco industry. Mandatory picture warnings first introduced in Canada a decade ago have now been rolled out in 47 countries. The goal in Australia is to cut the number of Australians who smoke to 10 percent by 2018 and to cut related social and economic costs by A$32 billion a year.

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