The Tough Career Advice No One Will Tell You: Do the Messy Work.

Issue 10-09-17   |   Reviewer:   Bob Cohen, MBA


Three years ago, HubSpot was a pre-IPO company and needed to overhaul a significant portion of its sales operations plan. Everyone had an opinion and wanted to be consulted, but no one wanted to own the hard work that would go into it. Alison volunteered to take on this messy work and came up with a plan that was so significant to their business that, three years later, they still refer to it simply as “The Elworthy Plan.” With the rollout and subsequent success of this program, her profile and career skyrocketed.

Using Elworthy as an example, Burke offers advice on how to accelerate your own career:
 - Volunteer for the hard stuff.
 - Decide what’s really important to you.
 - Tell people what you want.
 - Show people what you want.
 - Ask three people you respect for some tough love.
 - Talk to people you admire.

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