Tickets Aren't Selling for the 2018 Winter Olympics

Issue 11-13-17   |   Reviewer:   Derek Abrams


In South Korea’s mountainous Gangwon province, construction workers are putting final touches on the 35,000-seat outdoor stadium that will be used for the opening and closing ceremonies for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, but it’s unclear just how many sports fans will actually show up. 

With fewer than 100 days to go before the Games start on February 9, organizers have sold little more than 30 percent of the target of 1.1 million tickets, which range in price from $18 to $1,340. And there’s still a $270 million shortfall in the local Games committee’s $2.5 billion budget. Ominously, most of the venues lie just 90 kilometers (60 miles) from the border with North Korea amid military tension that’s rarely been as high since war on the peninsula ended in an uneasy truce in 1953.

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