Training Day

Issue 03-20-17   |   Reviewer:   Katherine Campbell, Ph.D.


Factory jobs are not what they used to be. Instead of hoards of low-skilled workers, today's manufacturing demands workers with computing and technical skills. Millions of manufacturing jobs that will become available as baby boomers retire could go unfilled because of a shortage of workers with these skills.  

KentuckianaWorks has partnered with manufacturers to design programs that prepare young adults and displaced blue-collar workers with skills needed in advanced manufacturing. Although the programs are short, lasting just two to six weeks, they are demanding; only 56 percent of students complete the programs. Those who make it through readily find jobs with opportunities for advancement. 

The cooperation between KentuckianaWorks and the companies that hire the program’s graduates reflects the complex nature of human resource management. For many reasons, companies look to schools, universities, and training programs to create pools of desirable workers. The KentuckianaWorks programs and funding model reflect the shared needs of workers, employers, and society, as well as the importance of education and training as a nexus that can meet these common needs.

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